We created the Rabbit and Monkey characters and a short film (see below) to share our story with friends and family for our wedding in 2012. The short film tells our story in six minutes, but it was one year in the making. Over that one year, our bonding with the Rabbit and Monkey characters have grown tighter and tighter.

After the wedding, we continued to have conversations and messages with each other through the two characters. One day,  I took a photo of these two toy figures for fun, and we loved it! So we thought why not use them to document the little simple moments of our lives through photography, maybe it will bring a smile to other people’s faces as well.

We named this project with our favorite drinks - “Coffee and Chocolate Milk.” These were the two drinks we ordered on our first date, and we chatted until the café was closing. Since then, a cup of coffee and a glass of chocolate milk have accompanied us through countless conversations and laughter. Now, we want to share a sip of happiness with everyone here at “Coffee and Chocolate Milk.”